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Table 1 challenges for imaging in gout

From: Rheumatology meets radiology in the hot soup of Gutta

Technique 'Specific' feature Clinical potential
X-ray Ankylosis Daily practice
  Osteosclerosis Long-term follow-up
  Osteophyte In epidemiology
  Periostal new bone In pathophysiology
  Spur In intervention study
DECT Tophaceous load Experimental application
   In urate lowering therapies demonstrating efficacy
HRCT Erosion-tophus interrelation Experimental application/sporadic in daily practice
   In pathophysiology
US DCS/snow storm Common use in daily practice
  Power Doppler sign In diagnostic algorithm for early diagnosis (and possibly follow-up); measuring active inflammation
MRI Bone oedema/osteitis Experimental application/daily practice
   In follow-up intervention study; measuring active inflammation
  1. CT, computerized tomography; DCS, double contour sign; DECT, dual energy CT; HRCT, high resolution CT; MRI, magnetic resonance imaging; US, ultrasound.