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Table 1 Analysis of surface phenotype of splenocytes

From: Modulating proximal cell signaling by targeting Btk ameliorates humoral autoimmunity and end-organ disease in murine lupus

  Cell Number/Spleen  
B cells Average
SEM Vehicle Average PCI-32765 SEM PCI-32765 P-value
B220+ 3.97E+07 1.13E+07 9.06E+06 2.76E+06 *
Activated, B220+CD69+ 3.71E+06 9.33E+05 5.29E+05 9.19E+04 **
T1, B220+AA4.1+CD23- 1.64E+07 5.90E+06 2.95E+06 8.72E+05 *
T2, B220+AA4.1+CD23+ 1.60E+07 3.42E+06 4.02E+06 1.79E+06 **
Marginal zone, B220+AA4.1-CD23- 1.99E+06 5.05E+05 5.25E+05 1.92E+05 *
Follicular, B220+AA4.1-CD23+ 5.13E+06 1.89E+06 8.82E+05 2.18E+05 *
Plasmablast, B220+AA4.1-CD138+ 3.62E+06 9.24E+05 4.36E+05 7.13E+04 **
Germinal center, B220+GL7+ 8.61E+06 4.52E+06 8.72E+05 3.38E+05 NS
B1-like, B220+CD5+ 1.01E+06 2.62E+05 2.60E+05 3.93E+04 *
Myeloid DC, CD11b+CD11c+ 1.33E+07 2.76E+06 2.19E+06 4.28E+05 ***
Macrophage, CD11b+F4/80+ 1.32E+07 3.11E+06 2.15E+06 3.88E+05 **
CD11b+Ly6C+ 1.74E+06 5.54E+05 3.40E+05 6.72E+04 *
Neutrophils, CD11b+Ly6G+ 1.50E+07 3.51E+06 2.41E+06 4.16E+05 **
Mast cell, CD34+c-Kit+ 3.74E+06 9.87E+05 7.36E+05 2.54E+05 *
T cells      
CD4+ 2.31E+07 4.00E+06 9.83E+06 9.76E+05 **
Activated, CD4+CD69+ 8.29E+06 1.36E+06 2.64E+06 1.01E+06 ***
Naïve, CD4+CD44-CD62L+ 9.73E+05 2.34E+05 5.68E+05 9.45E+04 NS
Central memory, CD4+CD44+CD62L+ 5.11E+06 7.89E+05 2.84E+06 3.49E+05 *
Effector memory, CD4+CD44+CD62L- 1.56E+07 3.04E+06 6.00E+06 7.58E+05 **
CD8+ 2.01E+07 3.86E+06 5.29E+06 8.23E+05 **
Activated, CD8+CD69+ 8.57E+06 1.60E+06 2.54E+06 1.17E+06 **
Naïve, CD8+CD44-CD62L+ 6.18E+03 3.33E+03 3.34E+03 2.65E+03 NS
Central memory, CD8+CD44+CD62L+ 5.64E+06 1.38E+06 9.08E+05 1.65E+05 **
Effector memory, CD8+CD44+CD62L- 1.45E+07 2.87E+06 4.38E+06 8.23E+05 **
  1. Quantitative analysis of B6.Sle1.Sle3 splenic cell populations as determined by flow cytometry. All data are expressed as the mean (Average) and standard error of the mean (SEM) of the data for the PCI-32765-treated (n = 9) or vehicle-treated (n = 8) splenocytes, which were compared by two-tailed Student's t-test. *P ≤ 0.05, **P ≤ 0.01, ***P ≤ 0.005, compared to vehicle; NS, not significant.