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Table 5 Generalised estimating equations testing effect of CRP and ESR on SEVR, MBP and augmentation index

From: The role of inflammation, the autonomic nervous system and classical cardiovascular disease risk factors on subendocardial viability ratio in patients with RA: a cross-sectional and longitudinal study

Outcome Effect of CRPa Effect of ESRa
  Coefficient (95% CI) Pvalue Coefficient (95% CI) Pvalue
SEVRa -0.031 (-0.059 to -0.004) 0.02 -0.028 (-0.079 to 0.023) 0.28
MBPa 0.009 (-0.009 to 0.026)b 0.34b -0.009 (-0.033 to 0.015)b 0.48b
AIx 5.434 (1.769 to 7.299) 0.001 -1.887 (-4.877 to 1.104) 0.22
  1. AIx, augmentation index; CI, confidence interval; CRP, C-reactive protein; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; MBP, mean blood pressure; SEVR, subendocardial viability ratio. From a generalised estimating equation, with unstructured correlation structure, unless stated otherwise. aLog10-transformed prior to analysis. bExchangeable correlation structure used.