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Table 1 Clinically significant upper- and lower-GI events (CSULGIEs) composite end point

From: Patient-level pooled analysis of adjudicated gastrointestinal outcomes in celecoxib clinical trials: meta-analysis of 51,000 patients enrolled in 52 randomized trials

With lesion

Without lesion

GD hemorrhage

Acute hemorrhage of unknown origin, including presumed small bowel hemorrhage

Gastric-outlet obstruction

Clinically significant anemia of presumed occult GI origin, including possible small bowel blood loss

GD, small-bowel, or large-bowel perforation


Large-bowel hemorrhage


Small-bowel hemorrhage


Small-bowel obstruction


Clinically significant anemia of defined GI origin


Symptomatic ulcers

  1. GD, gastroduodenal; GI, gastrointestinal.