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Table 5 Summary of association between region of interest activity and cognitive domain z-scores under formal neuropsychological testing

From: Functional neuronal network activity differs with cognitive dysfunction in childhood-onset systemic lupus erythematosus

fMRI paradigm Region of interest Attention
Working memory domain
Working memory: N-back Frontal mid inf R 0.51   
  Precuneus 0.47 0.54  
  Parietal inf R   0.45  
Attention: CTP-IP Frontal mid L    -0.45
  Insula + temporal sup L    -0.46
  SMA + cingulate mid bilateral    -0.47
  Fusiform +occipital inf L 0.52   
VCA: match vs. motor contrast Frontal sup L   0.45  
  Parietal sup L   0.48  
  Fusiform + occipital inf R   0.45  
  Angular R    0.51
VCA: SC vs. motor contrast Frontal mid L   0.45  
  Frontal sup L   0.64  
  Frontal sup R 0.49 0.65  
  Precuneus bilateral 0.54 0.62  
  Parietal sup L 0.50 0.56  
  Parietal sup R 0.48   
  Fusiform + occipital inf L   0.52  
  Fusiform + occipital inf R   0.48  
  1. Values are partial correlation coefficients (r-values). Only r- values > 0.45 are shown, corresponding to P < 0.05. fMRI, functional magnetic resonance imaging; CPT-IP: continuous performance task-identical pairs; VCA, visuoconstructive ability; SC, square completion; L, left; R, right; inf, inferior; sup, superior; mid, middle; SMA, supplementary motor area.