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Figure 4

From: Adenosine A2A receptors promote collagen production by a Fli1- and CTGF-mediated mechanism

Figure 4

CTGF is involved in the A 2A receptor-mediated collagen production. NHDF cells were incubated with CGS-26180 at 1 µM over A) 4 h for COL1A1 mRNA analysis or B) during 24 h for Western-blotting after 16 h-starvation. Where indicated, the neutralizing antibody to CTGF (Ab; 1:250) or the A2AR antagonist ZM241385 (10 µM) was added prior to incubation with CGS-21680. Bands were quantified and data represent means ± S.E.M. from three to six independent experiments. Statistics were performed by one-way ANOVA with post-hoc analysis by Newman-Keuls test, ***P <0.001 CGS-26180 vs. non-stimulated control; ###P <0.001 CGS-26180 vs. CGS-26180 + CTGF Ab; and NS = non-significant, CGS-26180 vs. CGS-26180 + Normal Serum.

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