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Figure 3

From: Clinical correlates of a subset of anti-CENP-A antibodies cross-reacting with FOXE3p53-62 in systemic sclerosis

Figure 3

Frequency of active disease in anticentromere antibody-positive systemic sclerosis patients, according to the positivity/negativity of anti-FOXE3p53-62 autoantibodies. Patients were divided into anti-FOXE3p53-62-positive and -negative groups according to the cutoff (>74.5 µg/ml) that best discriminated anticentromere antibody (ACA)-positive from ACA-negative patients with systemic sclerosis. Active disease was defined as a disease activity index (DAI) ≥3.0 or ≥2.5. Patients were scored as being positive or negative for the 10 items of the DAI. Differences between groups were assessed using Fisher's exact text. No significant differences were observed in the remaining eight items of the DAI.

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