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Figure 4

From: Molecular targeting of hepatocyte growth factor by an antagonist, NK4, in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

Figure 4

AdCMV.NK4 inhibits histopathologic changes. (A) The histologic features of swollen joints 60 days after induction of arthritis in LacZ-treated SKG mice exhibited severe synovitis accompanying massive subsynovial infiltration of neutrophils, lymphocytes and macrophages with villous proliferation of synoviocytes. These pathologic changes were significantly inhibited in NK4-treated SKG mice. Original magnification, ×100; inset, ×400. (B) X-ray bone examination taken 60 days after induction of arthritis revealed severe destruction of ankle joints in LacZ-treated SKG mice. These bone changes were inhibited in NK4-treated SKG mice. (C) The percentage of joints exhibiting mild (white bar), moderate (gray bar) and severe (black bar) pathologic changes by AdCMV.NK4-treated SKG mice (n = 8) or AdCMV.LacZ-treated SKG mice (n = 8) 60 days after induction of arthritis.

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