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Table 3 Cross-sectional and longitudinal association between BML volume and WOMAC pain volume

From: Evaluation of bone marrow lesion volume as a knee osteoarthritis biomarker - longitudinal relationships with pain and structural changes: data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative

  B (SE)* (P value)
Outcome: WOMAC Pain (baseline)   
BML volume (baseline) 0.16 (0.06) 0.014
Outcome: WOMAC pain (change)   
BML volume (baseline) -0.01 (0.06) 0.874
BML volume (change) 0.21 (0.07) 0.004
  1. *All models adjusted for sex, weight, height, and age. n = 404. BML, bone marrow lesion; B, parameter estimate; SE, standard error.