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Figure 4

From: Propylthiouracil prevents cutaneous and pulmonary fibrosis in the reactive oxygen species murine model of systemic sclerosis

Figure 4

Immunostaining for α-SMA (arrows are illustrative formyofibroblasts nuclei) in pulmonary samples. Representativetissue sample from: (A) Sham animal; (B) HOCl mice;(C) HOCl + PTU animal (Original magnification, ×40).The arrows show strong diffuse staining of myofibroblasts nuclei(dark brown staining); (D) Number of myofibroblasts from thethree experimental groups (HOCl + PTU group, n = 10; HOClgroup, n = 10; Sham, n = 5). The increase ofmyofibroblast population in the skin of HOCl mice is prevented bypropylthiouracil administration. Values are expressed as the meanand SD. *p < 0.001 versus Sham; #p < 0.001 versus HOCl.

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