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Table 2 Comparison of Ceiling item difficulty ratings with PROMIS PF-10 items (bolded font)

From: Development and assessment of floor and ceiling items for the PROMIS physical function item bank

  Much difficulty/ unable to do (%)   Much difficulty/ unable to do (%)
■ What do you think is your best time for running 1 mile now? 43 ■ Row a rowboat 6
■ Running 10 miles? 41 ■ Climb a ladder to trim a tree? 5
■ Running 5 miles? 32 ■ How many minutes does it take for you to walk one mile? 5
■ Run at a fast pace for two miles? 27 ■ Doing heavy work around the house like scrubbing floors, or lifting or moving heavy furniture? 5
■ Run/jog slowly for two miles? 20 Bending, kneeling, stooping? 3
■ Over a one-week period, how many times did you do any vigorous physical activity which made you breathe harder or puff and pant? 18 ■ Dig a hole in the dirt with a shovel? 3
■ Doing strenuous activities such as backpacking, skiing, playing singles tennis, bicycling or jogging? 12 ■ Trim a hedge? 3
■ Climb 15 flights of stairs (60 steps)? 11 Walking more than a mile? 3
■ Doing eight hours of physical labor? 10 ■ Take a 20-minute brisk walk, without stopping to rest? 3
■ In the last week, what do you estimate was the total time that you spent doing vigorous physical activity? 9 ■ Move a full garbage/recycle bin? 3
■ Push/move an empty refrigerator? 9 ■ Hand wash/wax a car? 2
Doing vigorous activities, such as running, lifting heavy objects, participating in strenuous sports? 8 ■ Do chores such as vacuuming or yard work? 1
■ Climb 10 flights of stairs (40 steps)? 7 Climbing 1 flight of stairs? 1
  Lifting/carrying groceries? 1
  Shampoo your hair? 0
  Wash/dry your body? 0
  Get on/off toilet? 0
  Dress yourself, including shoelaces and buttons? 0
  1. Comparison of item difficulty of the 26 new ceiling items (plain font) with PROMIS PF-10 Items (bolded font) arranged from highest to lowest percent of "With Much Difficulty/Unable to Do" responses.