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Table 3 Floor items

From: Development and assessment of floor and ceiling items for the PROMIS physical function item bank

  Much difficulty/ unable to do (%)   Much difficulty/ unable to do (%)
Doing vigorous activities, such as running, lifting heavy objects, participating in strenuous sports? 88 • Fasten buttons on a shirt or blouse? 25
Walking more than a mile? 81 • Put on your socks? 24
• Walk a block as quickly as you did five years ago? 78 • In the past year, how much weight have you lost unintentionally 24
• Cut your toenails? 70 • In the past year, how many times did you fall? 22
Do chores such as vacuuming or yard work? 66 • Type a sentence on a computer keyboard? 22
Bending, kneeling, or stooping? 65 • Chew and eat your food as quickly as you did five years ago? 20
• Compared to five years ago, is your normal walking speed: Faster, About the same, Slower, Much Slower, Unable to walk) 61 • Wash and dry your body? 18
Climbing one flight of stairs? 56 • Put on your shoes? 17
• Dress and groom yourself as quickly as you did five years ago? 56 • Put on a sweater or t-shirt over your head? 17
• What is the farthest distance you can walk by yourself, without any special equipment or help from others? 55 • Move about your residence? 16
Lifting or carrying groceries? 47 • Get on and off the toilet? 13
• Stand up from an armless straight chair? 40 • Squeeze another person's hand? 13
• Walk up or down inclines? 39 • Use a knife and fork? 13
• Move about in a dark room or hallway without falling? 34 • Move from sitting at the side of the bed to lying down on your back? 11
• Loosen a screw using a manual screwdriver? 31 • Write a simple sentence using a pen or pencil? 11
• Dress yourself in less than 10 minutes? 30 • Get items in and out of a wallet? 10
• Do you feel exhausted? 29 • Pour liquid into a cup? 9
• Move from the street to the sidewalk without a curb cut? 28 • Hold a card or letter in order to read it? 7
• Dress yourself, including shoelaces and doing buttons? 26 • Push the buttons on a television remote control? 7
• Shampoo your hair? 26 • Take a letter out of an envelope? 6
   • Turn pages in a book? 3
  1. Comparison of item difficulty of the 30 final floor items (plain font) with PROMIS PF-10 items (bolded font) arranged from highest to lowest percent of "With Much Difficulty or Unable to Do" responses.