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Table 1 Pharmacokinetics profile of single oral dosing RO9021 in mouse

From: Selective inhibition of spleen tyrosine kinase (SYK) with a novel orally bioavailable small molecule inhibitor, RO9021, impinges on various innate and adaptive immune responses: implications for SYK inhibitors in autoimmune disease therapy

Dose Cmax(nM) Tmax(hours) T1/2(hours) AUC (hour*nM)
45 mg/kg 5,763.69 0.50 3.54 35,804.26
5 mg/kg 694.52 1.00 4.34 3,847.84
  1. Cmax, maximum plasma concentration; Tmax, time after administration of a drug when the maximum plasma concentration is reached; T1/2, half-life; AUC, area under the curve.