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Figure 8

From: Th17 cells favor inflammatory responses while inhibiting type I collagen deposition by dermal fibroblasts: differential effects in healthy and systemic sclerosis fibroblasts

Figure 8

Th17 clone effects on fibroblasts are mediated in part by IL-17A, TNF and IFNγ. MCP-1 (A), IL-8 (B), MMP-1(C) and type I collagen (D) production by HD (gray) and SSc (black) fibroblasts cultured for 48 hours in the presence of supernatants of five distinct, activated Th17 clones. Bars represent the mean ± SEM of triplicate experiments. All data are expressed as the percentage of change relative to the condition in which the Th17 clone supernatants were added in the absence of blocking reagents (namely 'Th17 clone sup’). Anti-IL-17A (10 μg/ml), anti-IFN-γ (10 μg/ml), TNF-sRp75 (10-8 M) and ctrl Ab (10 μg/ml) were added one hour before the beginning of the culture. Shown are significant differences relative to the 'Th17 clone sup’ condition (* = P <0.05; ** = P <0.01) assessed by paired t-test.

ctrl: control; : healthy donors; IL: interleukin; IFN: interferon; MCP-1: monocyte chemotactic protein-1; MMP-1: matrix metalloprotein-1; PCR: polymerase chain reaction; SSc: systemic sclerosis; sup: supernatant; TNF: tumor necrosis factor; TNF-sRp75: tumor necrosis factor soluble receptor protein 75.

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