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Table 2 Association of rs2544390 and serum urate (mmol/L)

From: Association of the lipoprotein receptor-related protein 2 gene with gout and non-additive interaction with alcohol consumption

Ancestral group Number Unadjusted β-coeff(95% CI) P-value Adjusted β-coeff (95% CI) P-value
All European Caucasian non-gout 7451 -0.00099 (-0.0029 to 0.0049) 0.62 -0.00029 (-0.0041 to 0.0035) 0.88
NZ Māori and Pacific Island non-gout 775 0.0068 (-0.0095 to 0.0232) 0.41 -0.0015 (-0.016 to 0.013) 0.84
  1. Adjusted against sex, age, body mass index, sugar-sweetened beverage consumption (number of drinks/day) and study data set. The sample sets of Māori and Pacific Island ancestry are adjusted for the number of self-reported Māori and/or Pacific Island grandparents. CI, confidence interval; NZ, New Zealand.