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Table 5 Interaction terms between alcohol intake and rs2544390 genotype for gout risk

From: Association of the lipoprotein receptor-related protein 2 gene with gout and non-additive interaction with alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption as continuous variable
  Obs. OR (95% CI) P
NZ European Caucasian 837 0.996 (0.991 to 1.002) 0.18
NZ Māori and Pacific Island 1,799 0.992 (0.987 to 0.997) 0.001
Alcohol consumption as dichotomized variable (No alcohol (reference) versus any alcohol intake)
NZ European Caucasian 837 0.45 (0.15 to 1.34) 0.15
NZ Māori and Pacific Island 1,799 0.27 (0.13 to 0.57) 0.001
  1. Adjusted against sex, age, body mass index, sugar-sweetened beverage consumption (number of drinks/day) and study data set. The sample sets of Māori and Pacific Island ancestry are adjusted for the number of self-reported Māori and/or Pacific Island grandparents. CI, confidence interval; NZ, New Zealand; Obs = Number of observations; OR, odds ratio.