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Table 5 Binary logistic regression analysis for the prediction of different remission statuses

From: Comparison of remission criteria in a tumour necrosis factor inhibitor treated rheumatoid arthritis longitudinal cohort: patient global health is a confounder

  DAS28 remission versus nonremission Boolean remission versus nonremission Boolean versus only DAS28 remission
  OR P value OR P value OR P value
Age 0.968 0.004 0.942 <0.0001 0.956 0.014
Baseline TJC28 0.946 0.018 0.910 0.031
  1. Analyses were controlled for baseline levels of disease activity components: C-reactive protein (mg/dl), tender joint count out of 28 joints (TJC28), swollen joint count out of 28 joints, and patient global health. DAS28, disease activity score in 28 joints. P <0.05 indicates the association of the variable with different remission statuses. Odds ratios (ORs) explain the probability of reaching different remission statuses with higher age and baseline TJC28.