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Table 1 Proteins identified from MS/MS profiling and targeted MS experiments of cartilage

From: Matrix assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry imaging identifies markers of ageing and osteoarthritic cartilage

Accession Protein Observed mass Score from profiling MS Score from targeted MSMS Peptide Identified targeted MS studies
O18832_HORSE Aggrecan 2,325.3   43 R.VSLPNYPAIPTDATLELQNLR.S
PGS1_HORSE Biglycan 1,312.8 41 43 K.IQAIELEDLLR.Y
CILP2_HORSE Cartilage intermediate layer protein 2,196.2 96 67 R.FLPSEQIQGVVVSAINLEPR.A
COMP_HORSE Cartilage oligomeric matrix protein 1,698.9 31   K.QMEQTYWQANPFR.A  
COMP_HORSE Cartilage oligomeric matrix protein 2,256.1   86 R.FYEGPELVADSNVVLDTTMR.Ga
CHAD_BOVIN Chondroadherin 2,198.3 17   R.AGAFDDLTELTYLYLDHNK.V
CO2A1_MOUSE Collagen alpha-1(II) chain 1,679.9 39 75 K.DGETGAAGPPGPSGPAGER.G
CO2A1_HORSE Collagen alpha-1(II) chain 1,427.9 23   K.ALLIQGSNDVEIR.A  
FMOD_BOVIN Fibromodulin 1,557.0 67 42 R.SLILLDLSYNHLR.K
FMOD_BOVIN Fibromodulin 1,955.2 67 74 K.IPPVNTNLENLYLQGNR.Ia
FINC_HORSE Fibronectin 1,401.7   68 K.HYQINQQWER.Ta
HBBA_HORSE Hemoglobin subunit beta-A 1,274.9 23   R.LLVVYPWTQR.F  
MATN3_HORSE Matrilin-3 1,618.0 20   K.SRPLDLVFIIDSSR.S  
MIA3_MOUSE Melanoma inhibitory activity 3 1,186.7 24   R.EYAPGVLPGKR.D  
  1. The proteins identified following profiling and targeted MS studies from cartilage are represented. The table identifies the Swissprot accession number, abbreviation of the protein name, experimental molecular weight of the matched peptides, the score given by the Mascot algorithm and the sequence of the matched peptides. All Mascot scores were significant (P <0.05). All peptide sequences were checked against the equine sequence and were homologous. adenotes peptides previously identified in a human cartilage MALDI-IMS study [9]. MS, mass spectrometry; MS/MS, tandem mass spectroscopy.