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Figure 7

From: Exosomes from IL-1β stimulated synovial fibroblasts induce osteoarthritic changes in articular chondrocytes

Figure 7

Identification of miRNAs in exosomes from synovial fibroblasts (SFB). (A) Expression profiling of 800 human miRNA in SFB with IL-1β or without IL-1β, and exosomes from IL-1β-stimulated or non-stimulated SFB: 340 miRNA were upregulated and 24 miRNA downregulated in IL-1β-stimulated SFB, and 11 miRNA were upregulated and 39 miRNA downregulated in exosomes from IL-1β-stimulated SFB. (B) Venn diagram comparing miRNA in IL-1β-stimulated SFB and exosomes from IL-1β-stimulated SFB. Five miRNA commonly presented in IL-1β-stimulated SFB and exosome from IL-1β-stimulated SFB, and six miRNA selectively presented in exosomes. (C) Differentially upregulated miRNA (2-fold difference) are shown as the ratio of exosomes from IL-1β-stimulated SFB to exosomes from non-stimulated SFB. Values for miRNA in exosomes from IL-1β stimulated SFB and exosomes from non-stimulated SFB are miRNA levels (nanostring code count). *miRNAs were not expressed in SFB.

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