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Figure 4

From: Angiogenic and angiostatic factors in systemic sclerosis: increased levels of vascular endothelial growth factor are a feature of the earliest disease stages and are associated with the absence of fingertip ulcers

Figure 4

Serum levels of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) analyzed according to the presence of anti-Scl-70 autoantibodies. Patients with anti-topoisomerase I (Scl-70) autoantibodies (Scl-70 pos) showed significant higher levels of VEGF than patients without anti-Scl-70 autoantibodies (but positive for antinuclear antibodies) (Scl-70 neg) and higher levels than patients without detectable autoantibodies. Data are shown as box plots, with upper and lower quartiles shaded. #P < 0.05.

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