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Table 1 Patient profiles and characteristics

From: Decreased effector memory CD45RA+ CD62L- CD8+ T cells and increased central memory CD45RA- CD62L+ CD8+ T cells in peripheral blood of rheumatoid arthritis patients

Patient number/sex/age (years) Disease duration (years) Therapy X-ray findings
Patients with rheumatoid arthritis
   1/F/56 1 MTX, steroids None
   2/F/53 5 MTX, Inf, steroids Erosions
   3/F/46 4 MTX Erosions
   4/F/33 3 Hcq, MTX Erosions
   5/M/63 3 Lef Erosions, osteopenia
   6/F/52 2 Lef, steroids Erosions
   7/F/40 6 Etanercept Erosions
   8/F/50 6 Lef Erosions
Patients with systemic lupus erythematosus
   11/F/68 1 Hcq, steroids None
   12/F/46 5 Hcq None
   13/F/25 5 Hcq None
   14/F/47 9 Hcq, MTX None
   15/F/22 5 Hcq, steroids Jaccoud's arthropathy
   16/F/38 6 Hcq, steroids None
   17/F/46 4 Hcq, steroids None
   18/F/55 10 Hcq, steroids None
   19/F/45 3 Hcq, steroids None
   20/F/61 18 Hcq None
   21/F/35 5 Hcq, MTX, steroids None
   22/F/53 8 Hcq None
  1. F, female; Hcq, hydroxychloroquine; Inf, infliximab; Lef, leflunomide; M, male; MTX, methotrexate.