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Table 1 Summary of arthritis induction by transfer of TNF-expressing SFs

From: Functional analysis of an arthritogenic synovial fibroblast

Derived Transgene Clone Host genotype Incidence of arthritis
Synovium hTNF/TAg B2 wt 31/65 (47.6%)
Synovium hTNF/TAg B1 wt 5/8 (62.5%)
Synovium hTNF/TAg A4 wt 4/8 (50.0%)
Synovium TAg F6 wt 0/54
Synovium TAg B2 wt 0/8
Synovium TAg A2 wt 0/8
Synovium hTNF/TAg + Aba B2 wt 0/16
Synovium hTNF/TAg B2 RAG-/- 6/10 (60.0%)
Synovium TAg F6 RAG-/- 0/9
Lungb hTNF/TAg LFs wt 0/6
Lungb hTNF/TAg LFs RAG-/- 0/5
  1. Mice were classified as arthritic upon positive confirmation by histological analysis. a+Ab denotes group injected with arthritogenic clone B2 and then treated with anti-hTNF antibody 2 weeks after injection. b 'Lung' refers to a population of hTNF-secreting lung fibroblasts derived from hTNF/TAg double transgenic mice. hTNF, human tumor necrosis factor; RAG, recombinant activating gene; TAg, large tumor antigen; wt, wild-type.