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Table 4 Points to consider when deciding on a treatment regimen for a patient with active Wegener's granulomatosis

From: Wegener's granulomatosis: current and upcoming therapies

Is the disease active? Differentiate active disease from:
     Chronic sequelae of disease
     Medication toxicity
     Other diseases (in particular, infection)
How severe is the active disease? Immediately life-threatening disease necessitates initial treatment with cyclophosphamide and glucocorticoids
What organ sites are being affected? Certain sites of organ involvement, particularly subglottic stenosis, may not require or may not respond to systemic immunosuppressive therapy
What is the data on different therapeutic regimens? What is the data for the regimen being considered (see Table 3)?
     Has the regimen improved survival?
     What is the likelihood of inducing remission?
     What is the relapse rate?
     What are the known toxicities?
Consideration of individual patient factors History of medication toxicity
  Contraindications to certain medications
  Presence of previous organ damage
  Relapse history with past treatment regimens