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Table 1 Constitutive expression of tristetraprolin in peripheral blood leukocytes

From: Regulation and localization of endogenous human tristetraprolin

Cell type MESF (in thousands) Baseline expressiona Range
Lymphocyte 9.5 (1.2) 4.45–14.17
Monocyte 35.4 (3.3)* 13.90–44.32
Neutrophil 13.8 (3.3) 9.14–18.28
  1. Intracellular TTP levels were detected using the TTP antibody in conjunction with a fluorescein-labelled antirabbit Ig. Background levels were subtracted from these results and CD14-staining plus forward and side scatter gating permitted specific analysis of TTP expression in the leukocyte populations. Monocytes have a significantly higher constitutive TTP expression than other leukocytes. aMean (SE); n = 8. *P < 0.001. MESF = milliequivalents of soluble fluorescein.