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Table 1 Autoantibody kit manufacturers and distributors

From: The use and abuse of commercial kits used to detect autoantibodies

Manufacturer Location Website
Axis Shield Diagnostics Dundee, UK
Biomedical Diagnostics Marne la Vallée, France
Cambridge Life Sciences Cambridge, UK
Euro-Diagnostica Arnhem, Netherlands
Euroimmun AG Lubeck, Germany
BioRad/Helix Diagnostics Hercules, CA, USA
IMMCO Diagnostics Buffalo, NY, USA
ImmunoConcepts Sacramento, CA, USA
IMTEC Immundiagnostika Zepernick, Germany
INOVA Diagnostics Inc. San Diego, CA, USA
Medical and Biological Laboratories Co. Ltd Nagoya, Japan
ORGENTEC Diagnostika GmbH Mainz, Germany
Pharmacia Peapack, NJ, USA
Wieslab AB Lund, Sweden
Zeuss Scientific Inc. Raritan, NJ, USA