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Table 2 Effects of osteoprotegerin in animal models of arthritis

From: The role of osteoprotegerin in arthritis

  Kong et al. [36] Redlich et al. [14] Romas et al. [37]
Arthritis model Adjuvant arthritis hTNFtg Collagen-induced arthritis
Species Rat Mouse Rat
Dose 1 mg/kg/day 6.4 mg/kg/day 3 mg/kg/day
Start Onset of symptoms Onset of symptoms Onset of symptoms
Duration 7 days 35 days 5 days
Effect on inflammation No No No
Effect on cartilage damage Yes No Milda
Effect on bone erosion Yes -56% -60%
Effect on osteoclast count -85% -70%b,c -75%c
Effect on osteoporosis Yes Yes Not assessed
  1. a Effects limited to joints with mild inflammation. b Osteoclasts were counted in the synovial pannus. c Osteoclasts were assessed by histomorphometry of the juxtarticular trabecular bone.