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Table 4 Multiple logistic regression model evaluating the statistical contribution of given values of different NVC scores as a predictor of DA (ESSG ≥3)

From: Nailfold videocapillaroscopy micro-haemorrhage and giant capillary counting as an accurate approach for a steady state definition of disease activity in systemic sclerosis

Variables Odds ratio 95% CI* Pvalue
NEMO score ≥6 22.05 6.98-69.64 <0.0001
GC score ≥3 3.62 1.14-11.5 0.02
Cs score ≤6 2 0.57-7.5 0.26
  1. *95% confidence interval. NVC, nailfold videocapillaroscopy; DA, disease activity; ESSG, European Scleroderma Study Group; NEMO, number of micro-haemorrhages; GC, giant capillaries; Cs, capillaries.