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Figure 2

From: Ultrasound composite scores for the assessment of inflammatory and structural pathologies in Psoriatic Arthritis (PsASon-Score)

Figure 2

Sensitivity to change of ultrasound composite scores. Change (Δscore 6-month visit - score baseline) of global ultrasound inflammatory subscores (global ultrasound inflammation score (GUI-score)) in patients without a change in clinical disease activity (that is, active or remission at both baseline and follow-up visits) (no change DA) and patients who were active at baseline and achieved remission according to the evaluating physician (A), active-remission) or minimal disease activity (B) (active-MDA) at 6 months follow-up. Whiskers box plots show the median and 50% of cases within the boxes and all data excluding mavericks between the end points of the whiskers. Differences were tested by the Mann-Whitney U-test.

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