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Table 6 Correlation of the structural components of the bilateral (PsASon22) and unilateral (PsASon13) ultrasound composite scores, and the 68-joint/14-entheses score with the health assessment questionnaire

From: Ultrasound composite scores for the assessment of inflammatory and structural pathologies in Psoriatic Arthritis (PsASon-Score)

  Score HAQ HAQ (clinical remission)
Erosion score (joint + entheses) PsASon22 NA 0.35*
PsASon13 0.22* 0.39*
68joint/14enthes 0.20† 0.34*
Osteophyte/enthesophyte score PsASon22 0.20† NA
PsASon13 NA NA
68joint/14enthes NA NA
  1. Data indicate the correlation of erosion and osteophyte/enthesophyte scores from bilateral, unilateral and 68-joint scores with the health assessment questionnaire (HAQ) in the total cohort (n =83) and in patients in clinical remission according to the judgment of the evaluating rheumatologist (n =40). *P <0.05; †P <0.1; NA, no association found.