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Table 1 Histological assessment criteria a

From: Pirfenidone gel in patients with localized scleroderma: a phase II study

Epidermal atrophy Papillary dermis fibrosis
Normal 0 More than seven layers Normal 0 Absence
Light 1 Six to seven layers Light 1 Reduction in thickness of lax tissue
Moderate 2 Four to five layers Moderate 2 Segmental hyalinization
Severe 3 Three layers or less Severe 3 Complete hyalinization
Dermal and subcutaneous infiltration Reticular dermis fibrosis
Normal 0 Absence Normal 0 Absence
Light 1 Isolated lymphocytes Light 1 Small pockets of hyalinization
Moderate 2 Small groups of lymphocytes Moderate 2 Presence of moderate hyalinization
Severe 3 Large groups of lymphocytes Severe 3 Total hyalinization
Adipose tissue fibrosis Annex atrophy
Normal 0 Absence Normal 0 Absence
Light 1 Light thickening of adipose septa Light 1 Periadnexal fibrosis
Moderate 2 Moderate thickening of adipose septa Moderate 2 Reduction in size of annexes
Severe 3 Severe thickening of adipose septa Severe 3 Presence of adnexal vestiges
  1. aMicroscopic characteristics that were used as parameters to evaluate the effectiveness of pirfenidone on localized scleroderma lesions.