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Table 2 Humoral innate response and complement in vascular inflammation

From: Parietal and intravascular innate mechanisms of vascular inflammation

Antibody Activation pathway Pathogenic role References
CRP Classical • Binds to oxidized lipoproteins or apoptotic cells in atherosclerosis together with terminal complement complex [61]
PTX3 Classical alternative • Supposed protective role in atherosclerosis [16,59,60,62,63]
   • Highly expressed in inflamed vessels of small and large vessel vasculitis (function unknown)  
MBL MBL alternative • Excess or defect in serum levels associate with increased risk of intimal hyperplasia and ischemic cardiopathy in RA, Kawasaki disease and in the general population [53,54,64-68]
   • Implication in the activation of complement and in microbial clearance in IgA vasculitis  
   • Marginal role in GCA, AAV and Behçet’s disease  
  1. AAV, anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-associated vasculitides; CRP, C-reactive protein; GCA, giant cell arteritis; MBL, mannose binding lectin; PTX, pentraxin; RA, rheumatoid arthritis.