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Figure 4

From: Effect of prednisone on type I interferon signature in rheumatoid arthritis: consequences for response prediction to rituximab

Figure 4

Subgroup-specific cut-offs for rituximab prediction. Detailed analysis of the improvement in rituximab response prediction upon stratification for prednisone use. A) Sensitivities of rituximab response prediction combined with 100% specificity, when using subgroup-specific cut-offs of the IFN-score, based on the ROC analyses per subgroup; B) IFN-scores per responder group and treatment subgroup. Subgroup-specific cut-offs for 100% specificity are indicated with the dotted lines and are 1.36 for all patients and the PREDN+ patients, and 0.48 for the PREDN patients. PREDN, prednisone; ROC, receiver operating characteristics.

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