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Figure 5

From: Non-invasive in vivo imaging of arthritis in a collagen-induced murine model with phosphatidylserine-binding near-infrared (NIR) dye

Figure 5

Displacement and blocking between PSVue 794 and annexin V. (A) Fluorescence in the hind leg region of a representative mouse (n = 3) whose PSVue 794 dye had been allowed to clear for 3 days before administration of annexin V. (B) The signal was reduced at 3 hours after injection of 63 μg of annexin V. After normalization for background, fluorescence emission (K counts and intensity) in the ROIs (circumscribed at the toes and the thigh, indicated by arrows in (A) and (B)) were compared with the LI-COR Odyssey Infrared Imaging System software, using the average from three scans by analysis of variance. (C) When 21 μg of annexin V were administered in vivo into a mouse (n = 5) whose footpad was swollen 40%, subsequent injection of PSVue 794, as described in the text, did not result in binding, and the dye was rapidly cleared.

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