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Figure 1

From: Identification of NF-κB and PLCL2 as new susceptibility genes and highlights on a potential role of IRF8 through interferon signature modulation in systemic sclerosis

Figure 1

Joint effects analysis of IRF8 , NF-κB , and PLCL2 risk alleles on systemic sclerosis (SSc) susceptibility. Joint effects of PLCL2 rs1372072, NF-κB rs7665090, and IRF8 rs11117432 risk alleles on SSc susceptibility. Values for the number of risk alleles are taken randomly amongst the genotypes, meaning that a homozygous patient for one single-nucleotide polymorphism counts for two alleles even if only one gene is represented. The results of a linear regression analysis show a multiplicative effect of the alleles on SSc susceptibility. The odds ratios (ORs) with 95% confidence intervals are shown as a function of the number of risk alleles of SSc. The slope of the line corresponds to a 1.20-fold increase in the OR for each additional risk allele. (OR is provided as a log2 scale).

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