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Figure 3

From: Anti-PM/Scl antibodies are found in Japanese patients with various systemic autoimmune conditions besides myositis and scleroderma

Figure 3

Venn diagram showing the overlap between anti-PM/Scl antibodies by different assays. Anti-PM/Scl-100 and anti-PM/Scl-75 circles show the antibody-positive patiens determined by immunoprecipitation with the corresponding recombinant protein. The HeLa-IPP circle shows anti-PM/Scl-positive patients determined by immunoprecipitation with HeLa cellular protein. Black dots show the patients with both anti-75 kDa and anti-100 kDa antibodies, and the gray dot shows the patient with only anti-75 kDa antibody in HeLa-IPP. The ANoA circle shows the patients demonstrating anti-nucleolar patterns as observed by indirect immunofluorecence.

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