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Fig. 1

From: Trabecular bone loss in collagen antibody-induced arthritis

Fig. 1

Increased serum levels of C3 and COMP in CAIA mice. C57BL/6 mice were ovariectomized and subjected to LPS + collagen antibodies (CAIA) or LPS alone (control). The experiment was terminated 9 days after arthritis induction. a Arthritis incidence in control (n = 15) and CAIA (n = 15) mice. Log-rank test (***p <0.001). b Arthritis severity in control (n = 15) and CAIA (n = 15) mice. Data are median + upper range. Area under the curve was calculated for each group and analyzed by Mann–Whitney test (***p <0.001). Serum levels of c (C3; ***p <0.001) and d COMP (***p <0.001) were measured at day 9 after arthritis induction in control (n = 14) and CAIA (n = 15) mice. Student’s t test c, d, on log data c. C3 complement factor 3, CAIA collagen-antibody induced arthritis, COMP cartilage oligomeric matrix protein, LPS lipopolysaccharide

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