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Table 1 The list of gene C6orf10 related diseases, as a novel RA pleiotropic gene identified by GWAS analysis

From: Knowledge-based analysis of genetic associations of rheumatoid arthritis to inform studies searching for pleiotropic genes: a literature review and network analysis

SNPs Population Disease relevance PubMed ID
rs1265777, rs574710, rs539703, rs2894249 British RA 20018019
rs6910071, rs9391858, rs10484560, rs6910071 North American RA 20018025, 20018077, 20018006, 21592391
rs2395148 Canadian, U.S. PBC 19458352
rs2073048, rs28732201 European, Chinese Han Psoriasis 19680446, 20692714
rs926070, rs2073044 Cleveland Leukemia 20460636
rs3130320   SLE 21408207
rs3117103, rs7746019 European SLE 19851445
rs7775397   NL 22031281
rs7758128 European Vitiligo 21326295
rs485774 U.S., Canada LOAD 22245343
rs498422 Chinese Han NOA 22541561
rs2050190 Utah CAD 22703881
DG6S398, D6S2889 Caucasians T1D 19143811
rs9391858 British T1D 20549515
rs3129934 European MS 19010793
  1. GWAS genome-wide association study, RA rheumatoid arthritis, PBC primary biliary cirrhosis, Leukemia T cell large granular lymphocyte leukemia, SLE systemic lupus erythematosus, NL neonatal lupus, Vitiligo generalized vitiligo, LOAD late-onset Alzheimer disease, NOA nonobstructive azoospermia, CAD coronary artery disease, T1D diabetes mellitus, type 1, MS multiple sclerosis