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Table 3 Cox regression to model the time to regain full physical function, defined by a sustained health assessment questionnaire (HAQ) score of zero within time in sustained remission

From: Physical function continues to improve when clinical remission is sustained in rheumatoid arthritis patients

Variables included in the model DAS28 remission SDAI remission
HR 95 % CI Sig HR 95 % CI Sig
Age (years) 0.98 0.97–0.99 <0.01 0.98 0.97–0.99 0.01
Early RA (≤2 years disease duration) 1.29 1.01–1.65 0.049 Removed from final model
Gender (female) 1.41 1.13–1.76 0.002 Removed from final model
Time from randomization until sustained remission (weeks) 0.99 0.98–0.99 0.014 Removed from final model
DAS28/SDAI at week 0 in sustained remission 0.36 0.23–0.57 <0.01 Removed from final model
Change DAS28/SDAI from week 0 to week 24 in sustained remission 1.67 1.16–2.40 0.006 Removed from final model
  1. Table depicts hazard ratios (HR) and 95 % confidence interval (95 % CI) of all covariates included in the model, separately for patients in sustained DAS28 and SDAI defined remission. DAS28 disease activity score using 28-joint counts including CRP, SDAI simplified disease activity index, HR hazard ratio, CI confidence interval, RA rheumatoid arthritis