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Table 2 Haplotype association results between IL6R locus SNPs with the severity of joint damage in RA

From: Variation at interleukin-6 receptor gene is associated to joint damage in rheumatoid arthritis

   P valuec
Haplotypea SNPsb Discovery phase Replication phase
TA rs4845618|rs4845374 0.0099 0.052
GT rs4845618|rs4845374 0.0037 0.0058
TT rs4845618|rs4845374 0.38 0.023
GATTT rs4845618|rs4453032|rs4845374|rs6698040|rs4379670 0.31
GATTA rs4845618|rs4453032|rs4845374|rs6698040|rs4379670 0.14
TAACA rs4845618|rs4453032|rs4845374|rs6698040|rs4379670 0.02
TGTCA rs4845618|rs4453032|rs4845374|rs6698040|rs4379670 0.27
GATCA rs4845618|rs4453032|rs4845374|rs6698040|rs4379670 0.12
  1. IL6R interleukin-6 receptor gene, RA rheumatoid arthritis, SNP single nucleotide polymorphism
  2. aImputed haplotype according to the E–M algorithm implemented in PLINK (version 1.07; Center for Human Genetic Research (CHGR), Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), and the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, Boston, Massachusetts)
  3. bList of IL6R tagSNPs used to estimate the haplotypes
  4. cStatistical significance after testing the association of the estimated haplotype with the level of joint damage. Only haplotypes with a frequency >1 % were tested for association