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Fig. 1

From: CDP7657, an anti-CD40L antibody lacking an Fc domain, inhibits CD40L-dependent immune responses without thrombotic complications: an in vivo study

Fig. 1

Inhibition of humoral immune response in Cynomolgus monkeys: CDP7657 dose response. CDP7657 (various doses) was compared with a single dose of hu5c8 (20 mg/kg). Animals were administered a single dose of antibody or saline i.v. on day 1 and challenged with tetanus toxoid (TT) 4 h later. Data are expressed as the mean anti-TT IgG titer ± standard deviation; *P <0.05 (one-way analysis of variance), compared with control, was considered to be statistically significant. Maximum concentration (Cmax) and area under the concentration–time curve from time 0 until 19 days (AUC0–19) values were calculated for each tested dose of antibody, day 19 being the last day anti-TT response was measured after anti-CD40 ligand administration. Cmax was 163, 704 and 2,088 μg/mL for 5, 20 and 60 mg/kg doses of CDP7657, respectively. AUC0–19 was 713, 2476 and 10,488 μg/day/mL for 5, 20 and 60 mg/kg CDP7657, respectively. Cmax and AUC0–19 for hu5c8 (20 mg/kg) were 414 and 3,186 μg/day/mL, respectively

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