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Fig. 5

From: Preserved skeletal muscle protein anabolic response to acute exercise and protein intake in well-treated rheumatoid arthritis patients

Fig. 5

Enrichment and rate of appearance of 13C6-phenylalanine. a Plasma 13C6-phenylalanine (13C6-Phe) enrichment (tracer-to-tracee ratio (TTR)) during the entire infusion period. Mean ± SE, n = 13. b Rate of appearance (μmol/kg LBM/hr) of 13C6 Phe (Ra) during the basal period (BASAL, 3 hrs), after protein intake and exercise (PROT + EX, 3 hrs) and over the two periods combined (TOTAL, 6 hrs). Over the total period, Ra tended to be higher in rheumatoid arthritis patients (RA) vs. healthy controls (CON) (p = 0.110). Individual data are shown with line at mean ± SE, n = 13

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