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Table 2 Spearman’s correlation coefficients of pretreatment clinical variables with 14-3-3η

From: Serum 14-3-3η level is associated with severity and clinical outcomes of rheumatoid arthritis, and its pretreatment level is predictive of DAS28 remission with tocilizumab

Variables DAS28-ESR SDAI CDAI HAQ SHS JSN score Erosion score TJC28 SJC28 14-3-3η CRP ESR
SDAI 0.91a            
CDAI 0.89a 0.99a           
HAQ 0.59a 0.54a 0.53a          
SHS 0.34a 0.28b 0.27b 0.43a         
JSN score 0.33a 0.28b 0.27b 0.41a 0.98a        
Erosion score 0.32a 0.24b 0.23b 0.43a 0.97a 0.91a       
TJC28 0.80a 0.86a 0.89a 0.45a 0.19c 0.19c 0.16      
SJC28 0.73a 0.84a 0.84a 0.33a 0.35a 0.33a 0.28b 0.69a     
14-3-3η 0.29a 0.24b 0.25d 0.05 0.16 0.18c 0.16 0.21c 0.26b    
CRP 0.58a 0.49a 0.36a 0.34a 0.32a 0.32a 0.32a 0.22b 0.29a 0.20c   
ESR 0.64a 0.37a 0.29a 0.34a 0.33a 0.32a 0.32a 0.18c 0.29b 0.27b 0.75 a  
  1. Abbreviations: CDAI Clinical Disease Activity Index, CRP C-reactive protein, DAS28-ESR Disease Activity Score in 28 joints with erythrocyte sedimentation rate, ESR erythrocyte sedimentation rate, HAQ Health Assessment Questionnaire, JSN joint space narrowing, SDAI Simple Disease Activity Index, SHS Sharp/van der Heijde score, SJC28 28-joint swollen joint count, TJC28 28-joint tender joint count
  2. a p < 0.0001
  3. b p < 0.01
  4. c p < 0.05
  5. d p < 0.001