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Table 1 Numbers of protein-gene product 9.5 (PGP 9.5)–positive intraepidermal nerve fibres (IENFs)

From: Antigen-induced arthritis in rats is associated with increased growth-associated protein 43–positive intraepidermal nerve fibres remote from the joint

  Controls Acute AIA Chronic AIA Average SD
Ipsilateral paw pad skin 26.42 ± 3.75 25.51 ± 6.71 25.60 ± 6.02 5.27
Back skin 9.14 ± 2.87 10.39 ± 2.57 11.89 ± 3.20 2.86
  1. Numbers of IENFs per mm epidermis that were positive for PGP 9.5 in the left (ipsilateral) paw pad skin and in the lumbar paraspinal back skin are presented as mean ± standard deviation. The average SD is the average standard deviation between counts of the three evaluated sections per animal. There were no significant changes in counts of IENFs for stainings with PGP 9.5