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Fig. 4

From: Effect of antiresorptive and anabolic bone therapy on development of osteoarthritis in a posttraumatic rat model of OA

Fig. 4

Two-dimensional micro-computed tomography (μCT) images of the medial tibial epiphysis from rats assign to study group 4A to 4D. Pink lines indicate area of the cancellous bone assessment. Arrowheads indicate osteophytes; arrows indicate accumulation of subchondral bone. Graph underneath depicts trabecular bone volume (a), trabecular number (b) and trabecular thickness (c) parameter obtained by μCT at proximal tibial metaphysis of the operated right leg. a p < 0.05 relative to sham control (Sham) rats; * p < 0.05 relative to medial meniscectomy vehicle-treated (MM + veh) rats

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