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Fig. 8

From: Effect of antiresorptive and anabolic bone therapy on development of osteoarthritis in a posttraumatic rat model of OA

Fig. 8

Ultraviolet (UV) images of the medial tibial epiphysis. There is little bone formation in the epiphysis of the sham control (Sham) (a) rat and more intensive bone formation and buildup of the subchondral bone and osteophyte formation (arrow) in the epiphysis of the medial meniscectomy vehicle-treated (MM + veh) rat (b). Intensive formation of subchondral bone plate and osteophyte formation is seen in the MM + zoledronic acid (Zol)- (c) and MM + parathyroid hormone (PTH)-treated rats (d); however, more intensive labeling with both alizarin red and osteocalcin is evident in the PTH-treated rats. The arrowheads indicate osteophyte formation; e – epiphysis; m – metaphysis; gp – growth plate

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