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Table 4 Proportion of CZP-treated patients achieving LDA at week 28. Predictability by change in DAS28(ESR), SJC and CDAI up to the indicated week – overall population and by prior anti-TNF experience (OL set, observed data)

From: Twenty-eight-week results from the REALISTIC phase IIIb randomized trial: efficacy, safety and predictability of response to certolizumab pegol in a diverse rheumatoid arthritis population

  1. Shading represents ≤5.0 % of patients achieving LDA (DAS28[ESR] ≤3.2) at week 28
  2. Numbers in brackets are the number of patients who achieved LDA at week 28, over the number of patients not achieving the SJC %, DAS28(ESR) or CDAI change threshold at any week up to the week presented
  3. CZP certolizumab pegol, OL open-label, LDA low disease activity, DAS28 Disease Activity Score in 28 joints, CRP C-reactive protein, SJC swollen joint count, CDAI Clinical Disease Activity Index, TNF tumor necrosis factor, ESR erythrocyte sedimentation rate