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Fig. 3

From: Two-year results of disease activity score (DAS)-remission-steered treatment strategies aiming at drug-free remission in early arthritis patients (the IMPROVED-study)

Fig. 3

Treatment over time in the early remission group (a), Arm 1 (b) and Arm 2 (c), in percentage of total per treatment group; percentages in disease activity score (DAS)-remission and percentages in drug-free remission (DFR) (d). a Early remission group; b Arm 1; c. Arm 2. Lines are approximations of the proportions of patients discontinuing medication (according to tapering strategies or due to side effects), or starting medications according to DAS-remission-steered escalation strategies, across various treatment steps per arm, over time. The category Other includes medications that were prescribed per protocol in the ‘treatment according to rheumatologist’ step after failure on methotrexate plus adalimumab, and medications prescribed outside of the protocol but still maintaining a DAS-remission-targeted strategy. Shaded areas denote patient proportions in DAS-remission over time. d. Proportions of patients in DAS-remission and DFR per strategy over time. MTX methotrexate, pred prednisone, SSZ sulphasalazine, HCQ hydroxychloroquine, ADA adalimumab, mono monotherapy, DFR drug-free (DAS) remission, LTFO lost to follow up, ER early remission

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