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Table 5 Correlations between change in FC and change in clinical pain (VAS) for real versus sham

From: Changes in resting state functional connectivity after repetitive transcranial direct current stimulation applied to motor cortex in fibromyalgia patients

Seed MNI coordinates (x, y, z) r Value T Cluster size Cluster p value
FC region
L VL thalamus
 R posterior insula 42 −24 20 0.887 5.08 5 0.022 FWEa
L VPL thalamus
 L M1/S1 −48 −18 50 0.923 6.45 89 0.007 FWEa
 R posterior insula 46 −30 24 0.927 7.64 23 0.007 FWEa
  1. FC functional connectivity, VAS visual analogue scale, L left, R right, VL ventral lateral, VPL ventral posterolateral, M1 primary motor cortex, S1 primary somatosensory cortex, MNI Montreal Neurological Institute T test statistic
  2. aSignificant at p < 0.05 with small volume correction