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Table 3 Comparison of groups according to modified Mor scoring system

From: Comparison of the efficacy of once- and twice-daily colchicine dosage in pediatric patients with familial Mediterranean fever – a randomized controlled noninferiority trial

  Once-daily dosage group (n = 42) Twice-daily dosage group (n = 37)
Mean SD Mean SD
Baseline 3.48 1.13 3.27 1.07
First visit 2.88 0.89 2.78 0.95
Second visit 2.81 0.83 2.76 0.93
p Valuea <0.001b,c,d <0.001b,c,d
p Valuee 0.555
  1. aAnalysis of variance (ANOVA) for repeated measures intragroup analysis
  2. bStatistically significant difference between baseline and first visit
  3. cStatistically significant difference between baseline and second visit
  4. dStatistically significant difference between first and second visits
  5. eANOVA for repeated measures between groups analysis