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Fig. 2

From: Frequency of circulating topoisomerase-I-specific CD4 T cells predicts presence and progression of interstitial lung disease in scleroderma

Fig. 2

Increased frequencies of topoisomerase-I-specific CD4+ T cells in the blood of anti-topo-I-positive SSc patients. Topo-I-specific CD4+ T cells frequency was measured in the peripheral blood of 15 anti-topo-I-positive, 12 anti-topo-I-negative SSc patients, and 4 healthy donors (HD). Values represent the percentage of CD154 + CD69+ cells within the CD4+ population. To minimize any noise from the background, the frequency of topo-I-reactive T cells was calculated after subtracting the small percentage of CD154 + CD69 + CD4+ T cells detected within unstimulated PBMCs from the same subject. Horizontal lines indicate the mean frequency for each group

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